Thibault Maho

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How to choose your best allies for a transferable attack?

Thibault MAHO, Seyed-Mohsen MOOSAVI-DEZFOOLI
Teddy FURON,


The transferability of adversarial examples is a key issue in the security of deep neural networks. The possibility of an adversarial example crafted for a source model fooling another targeted model makes the threat of adversarial attacks more realistic. Measuring transferability is a crucial problem, but the Attack Success Rate alone does not provide a sound evaluation. This paper proposes a new methodology for evaluating transferability by putting distortion in a central position. This new tool shows that transferable attacks may perform far worse than a black box attack if the attacker randomly picks the source model. To address this issue, we propose a new selection mechanism, called FiT, which aims at choosing the best source model with only a few preliminary queries to the target. Our experimental results show that FiT is highly effective at selecting the best source model for multiple scenarios such as single-model attacks, ensemble-model attacks and multiple attacks.